Gormley: The curious case of Michael Chan.

Little is clear in the case of a Canadian politician who stands half-accused of cavorting with communists, but at least one thing is nearly certain: We would not have been instructed to worry about Michael Chan, Ontario’s China-born Minister of Immigration, were he instead known as Michael Carlson, Ontario’s Sweden-born Minister of Making Canada Just A Bit More Like Scandinavia.

Latina sufre porque no le permiten traer a su esposo musulmán

¿Abuso de autoridad en caso de patrocinio familiar a Canadá?    

Pese a cumplir con todo lo que le han pedido, de tener una aprobación por parte de Migración, esta nueva familia que tiene un niño de un año, sigue viendo separada, porque en su caso de reunificación familiar, se pierden los documentos, las fotos y le hacen repetir los exámenes médicos al padre. El proceso se inició en el 2006 y en promedio una petición de estas debe demorar entre 12 y 18 meses. 


New: “The start-Up” Permanent Resident Visas

Opened on April 1, 2013.

Ottawa, March 28, 2013- As of April 1st 2013 the world's brightest entrepreneurs will be able to apply for the brand-new start-up visa, announced the minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kennedy. Canada is welcoming start-up entrepreneurs, as they are essential drivers of the Canadian economy. Creating more employment and helping Canadian economy's spur and grow is the goal with which the new start-up visa was created.

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