This status is granted to those who wish to study temporarily in Canada. Depending on the country of origin, a visa is required to enter Canada, so it is necessary to make the application on time and meet the requirements of the Government of Canada before the planned date of travel.

The list of countries that require a visa to enter Canada can be found on the Immigration Canada page of the corresponding country. However, in the advice given by Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco, each case is carefully analyzed and all information and procedures are communicated to clients so that no delays or surprises come up during the process.

The requirements for a temporary student visa are:

  • A letter of acceptance from a Canadian institution certified
  • Demonstrate that the applicant and all persons traveling with the applicant will leave Canada at the end of their study period
  • Demonstrate that the applicant has sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses and those of the people traveling with him during his stay in Canada
  • Show that none of the people who plan to travel have criminal records
  • Provide all documents required by the immigration office of the Government of Canada where the application will be filed
  • Demonstrate that the applicant and all persons traveling along are in good health
  • Fill out the appropriate forms and pay the corresponding immigration visa fees according to the number of people who are traveling.
  • The temporary student visa is the document that allows you to travel to Canada. However, upon arrival, an immigration officer will generate the study permit, which may be subject to the following conditions:
    • The type of study or course that the applicant may attend
    • The educational institution where the applicant may attend
    • The city or province in which the applicant may be consider to study
    • The time for which the applicant is authorized to study

Only the following do not require a study permit:

  • Distance Education
  • Courses included in a tour package
  • Courses that are not academic, professional, vocational or that can be completed within the period allowed to stay in Canada
  • Courses or programs of study with a duration equal to or less than 6 months and can be completed within the period allowed to stay in Canada

The applicant and family members planning to travel are not allowed to work during their student time in Canada. If it is applicable according with the program it may be possible to obtain a work permit. It important to mention that every post-graduated foreign student is entitled to obtain an off campus work permit while his studies in Canada are completed. But this just happens after six months of being enrolled in the program.

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