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As a part of our commitment to serve you, Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco Legal Offices, has made available for you Notarization Service.

All parties who are required to sign must attend our office and must sign in front of the commissioner and/or notary public. Please bring valid government issued photo ID at the time of your visit to our offices.

You can notarize and/or commission each of your documents for reasonable and reliable fee, related to:

  • Acting as Commissioner for Taking Affidavits Administering Oaths
  • Affirmations Administering Solemn Declarations Affidavit for a Lost Cheque (Oath Administered)
  • Affidavit of Execution (Oath Administered)
  • Affidavit of Identity (Oath Administered)
  • Affidavit of Service (Oath Administered)
  • Commission of Forms
  • Declarations Commission of Licensing Applications
  • Commission of Single Status Statutory Declaration
  • Commission of Statutory Declarations Commissioner of Oaths Services

As well as others services related to immigration matters such:

  • Travel letters
  • Invitation letters
  • Passport and other document that is required for Immigration application
  • Administration of Oaths
  • Statutory declarations

Declarations to be presented before any Latin-American Country drafted in Spanish if it is required;
-Notarization of the consistency between the photocopy duplicate and the original and between the translation and the original version.

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    Toronto, ON M6A 3B2
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