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The dream of many families is our greatest impulse. Angelica Gonzalez Blanco has vast Experience and Knowledge in Canadian Immigration laws. The best and strong defence is what it is needed to achieve your immigration goals and make real yours dreams to live in Canada. You need a committed and honest honest representative, you need Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco!

Knowledge and Experience:

Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco is a prestigious professional in the area of Canadian immigration laws. She is committed to her clients and counts with a wide portfolio of successful cases, inside and outside Canada. She is overseen and accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Angelica has a wide portfolio of successful representation including worldwide defend to the Honduras’s journalist Karol Cabrera, who after being a victim of political persecution she obtained under Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco legal representation Political asylum in just three months. Along with Cabrera’s case, she has been involved on many others matters with successful endings.   This is  the case of Juan Mejia,  a peruvian  foreign worker who was involved in a horrible accident on his first day of work, being one of the only survivors. Today, he and his family are happily Canadian Permanent Residents after Angelica’s arduous work .


Residencia Permanente

Como ciudadano o residente Canadiense es posible patrocinar conyugue, pareja permanente, hijos dependientes, padres o abuelos para ser residente permanente.
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Permanent Residence

Estudio y Trabajo

Este estatus es otorgado a aquellas personas que desean estudiar temporalmente en Canadá.
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Study and Work


Este es un proceso acoge a todas aquellas personas en necesidad de protección, quienes huyen de su país de origen y buscan un lugar seguro en un tercer país.
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Otros Servicios

Notario público, daños personales y manejo legal de la solvencia.
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Others Services



In our MIGRATORY BULLETIN program, find out about the immigration laws of Canada, always with updated topics and arriving with clear and sincere information.


Every Thursday we will be FROM MY DESK answering questions about immigration.

Why Canada

Canada is one of the best places to live in the world. It counts as a good health system, social security, high educational level and a stable economy.

A safe country

Canada is the eighth most secure and peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index (2016), produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

High HDI

Canada ranks number nine on the Human Development Index, which is produced by the UN Development Program (UNDP).


Canada offers universal health coverage for all citizens and permanent residents.One of the basic principles of the Canadian health system is that it is applied throughout the national territory.


What our clients say

Definitely your vocation of service for us is invaluable, your advice can not be more opportune in these moments of crisis and disinformation.

Referring the popular saying “in times of crisis you know true friends” we only appreciate all the constant effort to keep us well informed.


Hermes Ussa


I want to thank you a lot for the great support that you give us through your videos, live, etc. God continue to bless you even more.


Alejandro Rios


It is definitely more than I expected. Thank you very much, we really appreciate your efforts and we appreciate that you are so generous in sharing your knowledge with us at this time. God bless you forever, your example we commits us to good deeds in our Canadian life!


Rosmery Duran


I have no words to thank you and your team for all the support and attention that gave to me. God bless you, and again thank you so much! 


Maria Perdomo


Yesterday, my Mom and Brother received their Permanent Residence successfully. Thank God and you who collaborated greatly in making our process successful.
I just wanted to thank you. We are very happy! And we hope to keep in touch with you. We will be eternally grateful and surely my father also in thankful from heaven!
Again, hank you very much!


Lorena, Maria Angelica and Daniel Simon.


We are very happy with our application and I am sure this is welcomed news. Congrats!!!


Holly Hellen


You have no idea how we thank you, thank you so much for all your management and support during this process.


Solanyi Rodríguez Rivas


I really and from the bottom of my heart wanted to thank Angelica and your work group for their time and dedication in the case of my mother, sometimes we get impatient but with her professionalism, good intentions and always timely responses made us feel always accompanied in this process from beginning to end.

Have my absolute recommendation.


Ricardo Rincon and Patricia Pantin


I want to thank you for joining us in this process, finding the words to describe the happiness and stability that this brought to our home is difficult. As a family we fulfill a dream and this thanks to the collaboration, professionalism and dedication, which they always give us. This firm really represents what it is to perform with passion and empathy towards your clients.

We trust you and we are definitely right.


Angie Cabra and Juan Manuel Gonzalez.


My family and I are more than satisfied with your excellent service, because you are an expert on the subject of immigration and above all a professional with high protocols of honesty and ethics, which we value very much when you take the case of my mother makes a couple of years .


Orlando Gomez


Thank you very much for all your collaboration!


Juliana Pérez


“Thank you very much Angelica, and also to your team for their work. We’re very happy!”


Andrea Benavides


“To begin with, to thank the excellent professional management of your team and especially yours that helped us obtain both the work and study permits.”


Carmen Elias-Moises


“Thank you very much for the work done, for the guidance received and for the patience with us throughout the process. A new stage begins and an experience with family, which we hope to extend in the future with your support.”

Erika and Dario Rubio


First of all, we wanted to say THANK YOU and your team who worked tirelessly to get everything lined up. AMAZING JOB!!


Glen Acosta Fini


Angelica was very clear from the beginning and I do not believe false expectations.  Her honesty inspired us confidence and at the same time we reason to work in team


Liliana & Mary

I observed her excellent career and all his successful cases related to this subject.

Aranda Family

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